Friday, January 20, 2012

There Are No Feminists on Sinking Ships, but there are Men Going Their Own Way

As soon as I read about the recent cruise ship crash that happened off the coast of Italy, the thought of women trying to get off the ship first while men being told to wait until the women were safe immediately came to mind. And of course, upon reading about the story and comments about it online, I found mention that men rushed past women in order to get to safety. Cue the shaming language. Equality apparently only applies selectively.

Obviously, female entitlement requires that men risk their lives for women they don't even know, and plenty of women will post angry comments online about men failing to acquiesce to female entitlement. What made me grin, though, was that I saw a great counter of lots of male posters calling out the feminist entitlement. And so I see this as evidence of the awakening to the feminist illusion of female entitlement and superiority. Something that was once difficult to discuss openly - even on the internet - is now easier to find. Men have started to voice their questioning of feminist domination. 

And in this case of the sinking cruise ship, the simple logic of "Why should I risk my life for women just because I am a man?" was acted upon, and rightfully so. No doubt this could be twisted by feminist "logic" as being callous, but this is not so. I'm certain that most men would be willing to risk their lives for their mother or grandmother, for example. However, why should a man risk his life for a woman simply because she is a woman? Many more men are now asking that question and answering it with "he shouldn't."

There are no feminists on sinking ships. But there may be men going their own way, or at least those unwilling to potentially sacrifice their life for women on sinking ships.
It's now every man - and woman! - for themselves.


  1. I find the feminists to be selfish and selective. When it comes to payday, they fight hard for equality. When it comes to dating and they get very offended when they have to pay for dinner. As this author of this article mentioned, they seem to forget about equality on sinking ships.

  2. Women have the equality they're asking for in my region of the world however the Man in a relationship is still expected to pay for dates and offer his seat for a woman on public transport.

    I say equality is absolutely fine, you want equality - here's what it tastes like.